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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bayshore had a makeover...and became less family friendly!

On this fairly rainy and chilly weekend we decided to go and see the new Bayshore, and boy were we disappointed. Yes, it is newly designed with new sitting areas and shiny floors, however, it seems as though the family has been forgotten for fashion and flare!

2 nursing areas and high chairs in the food court, is that it? Well the bathrooms were disgusting and I wouldn't touch the change tables, let alone, change my child on it, and the high chairs weren't much cleaner. Speaking of high chairs, the new food court had no healthier choice options unless you consider Tim Hortons healthy! So be sure to bring a snack along for the kids. There were a few locations left to open soon, so fingers crossed.

Amongst all the new class and style of the mall there are no kiddie or family zones as I have seen in many other malls or Ikea (for example). Therefore, stop by for the free baby and mommy yoga, but don't expect to make a day of it with the kids. Also, be prepared to stand in line for the elevator if you bring a stroller, with only 2 elevators Bayshore has become a mall for the serious shoppers, and teenagers. Such a shame

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  1. Wow! That's so disappointing! I hated trying to shop during the construction, so I've avoided it for quite some time.