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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

CONTEST TIME!!... Clair's Adventures- That Time at the Zoo

Are you a fan of following the adventures of Mom on the Go? Well now you can read these adventures to your little ones and see them through the eyes of my daughters. 

Shortly after my first maternity leave I started writing down some stories that I had experienced with my daughter. I would sit and edit them on my spare time and finally I thought they were ready, I shared the stories with a few of my closest friends and family and had a great response. Before I knew it they were being illustrated. Now, it is just weeks away from the book launch and I'm very excited to share this story with you. This is the first of a series I have written, each with a fun story, lesson and of course a song! I hope you enjoy the books as much as I enjoyed writing them. 

The book launch will be in a few weeks (details to come), in the meantime you can head over to Clair's Adventures, and Like the page to keep on top of the updates. You can also click HERE, to enter to win a signed first edition copy, before release date, as well as a t-shirt and a cool bookmark.

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