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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Exercising for Moms

I spoke with Heidi from of AIM Fitness Ottawa and asked her to share a some information with me regarding their pre and post natal programs for busy moms. Here is what she had to share;

Exercising after having a baby can be a challenge. The time and energy that used to be so abundant are now being poured into caring for your new little person. At AIM Fitness we understand that these changes can make it difficult to fit exercise into your new lifestyle.

    That’s why we strive to make exercise interactive, enjoyable and adaptable for Mom and Baby. We offer a variety of fitness classes for Moms and Moms-to-be, these classes are designed to be safe, effective and fun. Our Certified Trainers have specialized training in Pre and Post Natal Fitness so that you can be confident in the instruction you receive.

Here is a summary of the classes we offer:

Pre Natal Fitness
Exercising while pregnant has been connected to less complicated labour, reduced fat deposition and retention and reduced side effects of pregnancy (such as back aches and constipation).  Our Pre Natal Fitness Classes help you to feel your best during your pregnancy as well as prepare you for the demands of labour and motherhood. It’s also a great way to connect with other Moms-to-be!

Baby & Me Fitness
If you’re not one for leaving your baby in the care of others while you go to the gym, or simply don’t have that kind of support and time, a Baby & Me Fitness class is a great option. Learn how to exercise with your baby and incorporate him or her into the majority of the exercises we do together. The class puts a big emphasis on strengthening your body, bonding with your baby and connecting with other moms.

If getting outside and enjoying the fresh air is important to you, then our Strollercise Class is a great way to fit in exercise while spending time with your baby. This class is a great combination of cardio and strengthening exercises. It’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce your baby to the great outdoors and to meet other moms that enjoy being outside.

In-Home Personal Training
Sometimes our Moms prefer to participate in a more individualized exercise program. We offer In-Home Personal Training with an exercise program that is tailored to each person and their goals. Cut-down on the time required away from your family by allowing us to travel to you.

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