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Monday, September 29, 2014

Thanksgiving at the Agriculture Museum


Thanksgiving Weekend
At this time of year, many Canadian farms are harvesting the food crops that will sustain us throughout the year. To celebrate the harvest, join us at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum where you will be able to learn how simple and easy it is to prepare cranberry sauce and make good use of Thanksgiving leftovers. You may also discover how certain farms are harvesting more than just food by producing energy from sources such as the sun, the wind, or crops. Children will be able to get creative with a craft and dig for buried root cellar treasure. Other activities include the perennial favourite apple cider making as well as livestock-related demonstrations. Come to the Museum this Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate the harvest!


Cereal Barn

Apple Cider Making and Tasting (10:30, 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30)
What happens to all the apples that are bumped and bruised and not perfect to eat out-of-hand? They are pressed and turned into cider! At this demonstration, visitors can make good use of their energy to help operate the press and will of course be able to taste the fruits of their labour at the end.
Canadian Crops (ongoing activity)
Most everyone is familiar with wheat, oats, corn, and potatoes as Canadian crops. Not everyone might be aware though that crops such as mustard, lentils, and chickpeas are also grown commercially in Canada. Come learn more about these foods, try your hand at grain grinding and oat rolling, test your crop knowledge with a quiz, and taste some snacks made from these Canadian crops.

Learning Centre

Children’s Craft (ongoing activity)
Children will enjoy creating a wearable craft made from one of Canada’s major crops, wheat.
Root Cellar Activity for Children (outside, weather permitting)
These sandboxes aren’t just for making castles in! Did you know that some foods can be safely stored over winter by packing them in sand? Along with their parents, children can get their hands dirty and discover which ones can (and which ones can’t) and maybe even unearth some unexpected treasures while they’re at it!

Dairy Barn – Barnyard

Hoof Trimming Saturday only (weather permitting, schedule to be confirmed)
Cows left outside to wander wear down their hooves much more than cows that spend more of their time on farms like ours. This being the case, it is important to keep the cows hooves of a reasonable length for their comfort and health. Come see how we keep the dairy cows healthy as they get their bi-annual pedicures done. A guide will be on hand to explain the process and answer questions.

Energy Park

Bioenergy Garden Tour (10:45, 12:15, 2:15 and 3:45)
Corn, soy, flax, and canola can be readily found growing in the fields surrounding the Museum but why would we be growing switch grass, and miscanthus? More and more, all these common and not-so-common crops are being grown and harvested to be transformed into biofuels. During this guided tour, visitors will be able to learn about these versatile plants and the various products they provide us.

Demonstration Kitchen (Exhibitions Area)

Cranberry Sauce Making (ongoing, except for during the kitchen demonstration times listed below)
Simply opening a can is definitely an easy option, but making cranberry sauce is surprisingly simple. A Museum guide will be preparing this ubiquitous Thanksgiving condiment on an ongoing basis and giving tips on how to preserve it safely.
Thanksgiving dinner “leftovers” (10:15, 11:45, 2:00, and 3:30)
If you’re like many Thanksgiving dinner hosts, perhaps you find yourself with leftovers but no good ideas of what to do with them. Why not join us in the kitchen to help make quick and easy leftover bites and put an end to the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce dilemma. Information on cranberry and turkey production will also be presented.

Other Demonstrations:

9:30Horse Harnessing *Weather Permitting
10:00Rabbit Care
10:30Meet the Poultry
1:30Animal Habitats
2:30Meet Molly the Donkey
4:00Afternoon Milking


Tally-Ho Wagon Rides ($) weather permitting (10:00 – 2:00)
Enjoy a tour through the fields of the Central Experimental Farm on the Tally-Ho wagon pulled by the dynamic duo, Ted and Merrill, the Museum’s Clydesdale horses.
Food Service ($)
Bytown Catering will be on site to offer food services.

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