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Monday, March 24, 2014

Tiny Hoppers Daddy Daughter Dance

The Father/Daughter Ball is an annual event that is hosted yearly at the National Arts Centre. This year it will take place Sunday August 17th 4-830 pm. Tickets are $85 pp for ages 4-11. Be sure to dress to fabulously. It is a magical charity event with all proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation so that we can grant a special child their very own wish.  Children from the wish foundation are also in attendance at the ball with tickets sponsored by many fabulous and generous businesses.

This year's theme will be Frozen! Tickets go on sale April 1st. 
Advanced tickets (previous attendees) will be on sale March 31st.

Father Daughter Ball Collage

When the Daddies and daughters arrive at the ball they first walk the fabulous red carpet, where they are given their own disposable camera so that the little girls can capture the event from their own point of view.  Guests are entertained and interviewed by our hosts and then photographed by the “Paparazzi” before being rushed over to have a professional and free portrait taken with their daddy.  The professional photographers will then stay for the ball to capture all of the magic.  The pictures will be available to you on a private Facebook page and everyone is welcome to download whatever they would like.  They are then invited into the fabulous ball room that has been transformed into a magical, princess, wonderland!

As the couples enter the ball room they are encouraged to mingle and enjoy some treats and a drink from the “Frogatini” fountain.  They are welcome to explore the beautiful, outdoor patio where they will be entertained by Froggles and enjoy bubbles.  The hostesses will then lead everyone to their tables where everyone is treated to a delicious three course meal.  Tables are decked out with beautiful centre pieces, bubbles, and gorgeous pieces of custom made jewellery, designed specifically for this event, and gifted to each of the little girls.
Throughout dinner, the children are entertained with fabulous events and activities.  First, children will be enchanted as all of the Disney Princesses arrive to mingle and dine with them.  The wonder in their eyes as the princesses serenade the girls can not be missed.  The children are then wowed by a local, all girls, pop group (BLUSH!) from the ever popular Pop Shop.  Then bring on the dessert as everyone enjoys sundaes, followed by a beautiful candy, cookie and cupcake bars.

Let the dancing begin!  The couples will then enjoy an amazing evening of dancing, activities and fun led by an amazing interactive DJ.  Helen and her team really know how to entertain children and get everyone out grooving on the dance floor.  Tired princesses then head home with a rose and a beautiful swag bag filled with fabulous treat and gifts including a souvenir t-shirt to remember this magical evening.  A night at the Tiny Hoppers Father/Daughter Ball is a magical and special experience that creates memories that will be cherished forever!  
Let’s Make Some Wishes Come True This Year!

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