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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Winter and Spring Boredom Buster Jar

How many times a week do you hear those infamous words "I'm bored"? Well here is a list of 100  indoor activities you can print them up and put them in a jar for the next time you need an idea.

  1. Bake cookies
  2. Read a book together
  3. Mad Libs
  4. Play a board game
  5. Write a letter to grandparent and mail it
  6. Trace your body and colour it in like you
  7. Make a fort using blankets and pillows
  8. Make an obstacle course
  9. Play hide and seek
  10. Make paper airplanes and race them
  11. Play dress up
  12. Plant a seed in a paper cup and watch it grow
  13. Play Charades
  14. Play Pictionary
  15. Look at family albums
  16. Do Karaoke
  17. Make a collage
  18. Play Bingo
  19. Make a photo booth at home
  20. Have a puppet show
  21. Play Jenga
  22. Blow Bubbles
  23. Have a shadow puppet show
  24. Make silhouettes
  25. Make pasta jewelry
  26. Have a picnic
  27. Make ice cream
  28. Make a rain stick
  29. Play with shaving cream
  30. Play with Playdough
  31. Paint with Potatoes
  32. Have a tea party
  33. Make magic mud (cornstarch and water)
  34. Rock paper scissors
  35. Scavenger Hunt
  36. Fold Origami
  37. Spa Day
  38. Learn a dance
  39. Write a poem or story
  40. Learn to juggle
  41. Make masks
  42. Moon Sand (flour and baby oil)
  43. Do a puzzle
  44. Yucky soup (how gross can you make it?)
  45. Paper Mache
  46. Make a movie
  47. Make a family tree
  48. Play twister
  49. Musical chairs
  50. Pin the tail on the donkey
  51. Keep the balloon up (don't let it touch the floor)
  52. Tell ghost stories
  53. Simon Says
  54. I Spy
  55. Look at a globe and learn about different countries
  56. Make a mural
  57. Make jam or applesauce
  58. Marble Painting
  59. Make a bean mosaic
  60. Popsicle stick house
  61. Have a dance party
  62. Make a scrap book
  63. Watch a movie
  64. Volcanoes (baking soda and vinegar)
  65. Act out a play
  66. Pouring and playing with water in bathtub
  67. Flash light show in dark
  68. Pretend play (fireman, teachers, doctors etc.)
  69. Listen to Audio Books
  70. Sink or float (gather items to put in water and see what happens)
  71. Sensory bins (rice, pasta, etc.)
  72. Dominoes
  73. Try Yoga or Zumba
  74. Bowling with soda bottles and a ball
  75. Face painting
  76. Make lava lamps
  77. Make a card for someone
  78. Giant tic tac toe (tape and 2 balls of coloured socks)
  79. Indoor ball pit in kiddie pool
  80. Play cards
  81. Learn a magic trick
  82. Freeze dance
  83. Memory Games
  84. Indoor basketball (rolled up sock and laundry basket)
  85. Beanbag races (balance on your head)
  86. 2 truths and a fib
  87. Salt and glue pictures
  88. Mr. Potato Head
  89. Play with boxes, what can you make?
  90. Parachute games (can use a sheet)
  91. Balloon Stomp
  92. Follow the leader
  93. Mother may I?
  94. Modelling clay
  95. Checkers
  96. Hangman
  97. Magnets
  98. Root beer floats
  99. Pinatas
  100. Make a new list

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