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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hike! Play! Yoga!

I had the pleasure of attending Hike! Play! Yoga! This weekend with my 3 year old (who loves Yoga), and here's a little about our experience and why I think you should grab your tickets now :)

The day started out at Hendrick Farm in Chelsea, right on the boarder of Gatineau Park. we met our lovely instructor Pamela, who took us on a lovely hike where the kids could run and play and explore. We stopped along the way to listen to the birds and discover some cool bugs and we even found a wild mint patch (my daughter has been smelling grass ever since ahah). This was a great way to run out the sillies, up and down hills, fun little races to the end of the path etc. 

Once we came to a bridge we sat and enjoyed a bit of meditation/ calm time. If you have children in elementary school right now, this was a great time to focus on Social Emotional Learning, my daughter and I spoke about how this is what "calm" feels like, shoulders down, heart slower, deep breaths. We practice this often in nature. 

We then took some time and practiced some child friendly yoga, we used animal and tree poses to stretch and relax. My daughter is still talking about the "double dog" where she got to do a downward dog ON mommy!! We then returned back to the farm. 

The farm itself is beautiful and full of lovely trails that you are free to use. When we return we will bring a picnic and spend some more time exploring the trails there. You can also grab some fresh fruit and veggies at the farm. 

After yoga, I got to chat with Pamela and found out she is in fact a forest school teacher herself!! How cool is that? 

Hendrick Farm is 193 chemin Ladyfield, Chelsea, Be sure to dress accordingly. There could be sun, rain, bugs, ticks, mud…and so much more. Closed toed shoes are best and long pants or long shirts can help keep the bugs off. 

Don’t forget a water bottle and a snack :)  To book your next event and for more info click HERE. Tickets are $20/family

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