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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mermaid Classes

Holy cow I got to be a Mermaid for the day, tail and all!!

AquaMermaid is the newest and hottest swimming sport. Marielle Chartier Henault decided to bring her dream and passion for swimming into a mermaid school, AquaMermaid is offering a variety of classes catered to all ages, genders and swimming levels.
AquaMermaid stands for 3 key philosophies that drive who we are in and outside the water :
Have fun : Be positive, smile, laugh and let your happiness be contagious!
Be active : Feel energized in a strong and fit body.
Always learn : AquaMermaid is a brand new discipline inspired of monofin and synchro swimming.

Let me tell you, this was NOT EASY, but boy did I laugh and have fun!! The instructors have a great sense of humor while shaping your new swimming style and teaching you this amazing new skill. The tail propels you through the water and gives you amazing speed!! The games incorporated into the class took strength and body awareness and it what an amazing way to challenge yourself!!

Here’s what you can expect during an AquaMermaid class:
5   min – Introduction to mermaid swimming and stretching
10 min – Swimming test and introduction to the dolphin kick and mermaid basic movements
10 min – Swimming with the mermaid tail with floaters
10 min – Swimming techniques, drills and practice
15 min – Swimming games and challenges
10 min – Conclusion (individual assessment and free time for pictures to share with you friends)
AquaMermaid classes are a perfect way to get into great shape! Let me tell ya, I could definitely feel it in my abs the next day! It offers a total-body workout from toning your glutes, quads and abs, combined with great cardio exercises working on breath control under water. I recommend coming with googles or a nose plug, as well as tying your hair back off your face.

Services & Prices

  • Monthly membership Price: $75/month Includes 1 hour of class and 1 hour of free swim per week.
  • Trial classes (kid & adult) - Price: $60
  • Mermaid parties - birthday, bachelorette, team building - Price: $300 (include 7 participants)
  • Mermaid tails - Price: $100
  • Events - Mermaid model and entertainment, pool opening, festival, commercial, pool parties

This is such a great class to try out with some friends on a Saturday night!  Thinking of a bachelorette party or pool party, they do that too!! This is a bucket list item for sure, add it to yours and sign up now! 

See more for yourself here

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