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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Little SummerBee Headband Subscription

Alright moms, if you are a headband lover like me.. I have some amazing news!! Little SummerBee has fulfilled my need!! A monthly headband subscription, for just $15 a month or $36 for 3 months, you will receive the cutest little bows delivered directly to your doorstep! Bows can be on nylon (1 size fits all) or alligator clips. I just received my first package. These are my adorable bows just in time for Easter and how cute are they?

I know... I know you are already excited but sign up for 3 months and use 
code MOTGO
and get an extra set of exclusive bows!!! 

Sign up for 3 months and there is even a wee surprise for the moms ;) from local businesses.

Your subscription will renew each month, so no need to sign up again. All bows are handmade with love. While you are there, check out their super cute clothing for the kiddos too!

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