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Monday, March 9, 2015

Surviving March Break- 55 Free Ideas

  1. Tea Party
  2. Family Movie Night
  3. Visit the Grandparents
  4. Go to the library
  5. Tobaganning
  6. Skating
  7. Put on a puppet show
  8. Freeze Dance
  9. Hide and Go Seek
  10. Yummy Baking
  11. Donate some toys
  12. Nature Walk
  13. Indoor Picnic
  14. Put on a play
  15. Learn a magic trick
  16. Fire Hall Tour
  17. Card Games
  18. Spa Day
  19. Tour Parliament Hill
  20. Visit the Musical Ride Centre
  21. Gatineau Park Animal Tracking
  22. Tour the Orange Art Gallery
  23. Visit the Cube Gallery Ottawa
  24. Wild Bird Care Centre at Stony Swamp
  25. Make a bird feeder
  26. Visit Chapters and look at some books
  27. Superhero Week at Carlingwood
  28. March Break Hazeldean Mall
  29. March Break at Place d'Orleans
  30. Snow Football
  31. Dance Party
  32. Snowshoeing or Cross Country Skiing
  33. Funhaven -Toddler Free Zone
  34. Write a letter to a family member
  35. Have a fashion show
  36. Make a movie
  37. Walk the Arboretum
  38. Walk Mer Bleu
  39. Tour the Supreme Court of Canada
  40. Library and Archives of Canada
  41. Watson's Mill
  42. Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops
  43. Michael's Kid's Club Workshops
  44. Cook Dinner as a Family
  45. Watch the Planes at the Airport
  46. Visit World of Maps
  47. St Patrick's Day Parade
  48. Visit the Humane Society
  49. Make a small gift and deliver it to a friend or family memeber
  50. Build and Indoor Fort
  51. Get the kids involved in some Spring Cleaning
  52. Visit Ikea
  53. Germinate seeds for the Spring
  54. Visit the Kanata Acquarium
  55. Make Breakfast in Bed

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