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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ottawa Geek Market Review

Now that I am a parent, I look at every "Family Friendly" event and wonder, does this simply mean that you are welcome to bring your family, or did the organizers arrange activities with families in mind.

Well I believe that each year The Ottawa Geek Market has gotten better, this year being the best.


  • Ample Free parking
  • Larger hall this year (wider isles mean you can bring your stroller)
  • Cosplayers as well as Doctor Who Society, 501st Legion and League of Super Heroes for photo ops 
  • Board Gaming Area (no extra charge)
  • Video Gaming area (no extra charge)
  • Quidditch Match
  • Scavenger Hunt (one specifically for children 12 and under)
  • Separate entrances for ticket holders (purchased online) and those purchasing tickets (no lines)
  • Dozens of stores to browse and get your geek on, majority local businesses
  • Amazing Lego displays
  • Great workshops for all ages
  • Being an October Geek Market the focus was more on Halloween, I was hoping to see a stronger presence from some of the other major toy shops (The Comic Book Shoppe or Toys on Fire) for some possible Christmas shopping
  • A hands on Lego section would be a nice accompaniment (all the kids wanted to touch, of course!!!) 
  • No CELL PHONE RECEPTION ( this is always an issue when entering the Sportsplex)

All in all, great market!! Bring your kids, pass on your passions and let yourself be a kid for the day!

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