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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ottawa Pet Expo

Fun for the WHOLE family (pets invited too)
Ticket INFO (kids 12 and under are free)

Dock Dogs 

Back for another year, this hugely popular water sporting tournament for dogs will be making a splash once again!

The Events
Big Air is essentially a "long jump for dogs." Speed Retrieve is a timed event where dogs race to retrieve a bumper toy suspended 2" above the water. Extreme Vertical is the equivalent of a "high jump for dogs." Iron Dog is a triathlon for those dogs that compete in all three of the events. The best scores in each event are tallied, with the goal being to get the highest number of points in total.


Come and visit this interactive and playful exhibit of adorable miniature pigs!

Animal Communicator

Stop by and visit Charlotte Szivak, the popular pet pyschic personality.  Among her many achievements  Charlotte has hosted the radio show “Pet Talk”, heard around the world on the E Psychic Network and she has been featured on many Canadian television and radio programs.  Some highlights are her interview by George Stroumboulopoulos of CBC’s “The Hour” and the documentary “Talking to Animals”.  Charlotte has also been featured in numerous print media including:  Fashion Canadian ELLE, Reuter ’s, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, Brampton Business Times, and The Hamilton Spectator, where her yearly predictions are published.
Charlotte has just been announced as the SPCA spokesperson for their yearly event, the Wiggle-Waggle Walk-a-Thon. 
If you are looking for insight into the inner workings of your pet's mind drop by this feature and for a small donation to the Humane Society Charlotte will enlighten you on your pet's secrets.
This feature is presented by Melissa's Aloe, an all natural pet food supplement. 

Flashpoint Photo Booth

People are always looking for something different for their events and to add a little fun and camaraderie. Flashpoint Photobooth is unique and interactive, and gives people a souvenir that they can take home to remember the day. Flashpoint Photobooth is more than a photobooth, it's an experience.
Onsite donation of $5, of which $4 goes to the Ottawa Humane Society

 Kids Zone

Participate in a Be-A-Tree dog bite prevention workshop brought to you by the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians.  This interactive presentation teaches children of all ages how to "read" a dog's body language to ensure a safe encounter, and avoid a traumatic experience that can result in a lifetime  fear of dogs.
Tracey and her team of talented helpers will be offering their face painting services for a nominal fee.  All proceeds will go towards The Ottawa Humane Society.
Be sure to visit our pocket pet petting zoo where the kids can cuddle a little creature from the Zoo Crew.
The Zoo Crew is an animal education company that combines entertainment and learning to create an exciting experience that will be remembered! 

World of Pets Stage

Join us at the World of Pets Stage for informative and entertaining presentations on a variety of pet ownership topics.  Our presenters will be addressing issues related to pet nutrition, greening your pet, holistic healing and animal behaviour.
Please visit our seminar page for a complete listing of topics and schedule times.

Games & Workshops Area 

Our Games & Workshops area will be showcasing some light-hearted entertainment.  Come and and watch as selected rescue dogs are transformed in the Dog Grooming showcase or the mini-cochons show off their newly learnt tricks. Take in the dog agility demo and maybe your dog will be inspired to become the top dog at the dog park.
If you are looking for a more interactive experience with your pet at the show, sign up for one of our Teach-Your-Dog-a-New-Trick-in-5 minutes workshops.
Visit the Presenters page for a full listing of demonstrations in this area.

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