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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kinburn Swampfest

The 5th Annual Kinburn Swampfest End of Summer Festival features the live music of great local entertainers, from classic country to bluegrass as well as other activities for kids of all ages, including free canoe and kayak rides and family games

Swampfest is a major summer community event in Kinburn, and is a major fund-raising
event for the Kinburn Community Association. The first Swampfest in 2010 was a
celebration of the 180th anniversary of the founding of the village.

The Story Behind The Name
The festival takes its name from the Swamp Tavern, the first business of the village, established around 1830
and, in its time, was one of the few stopping places along the Ottawa-Arnprior Road.

No pictures of the Swamp Tavern are known to exist.  The sketch of the tavern that is shown here is taken from the Star Inn at the Glengarry Pioneer Inn at Dunvegan, Ontario.  The Star Inn was built around the same time as the Swamp Tavern, and they were quite likely similar.   The first floor of the Star Inn has two sections - the tavern and the kitchen/dining room on either side of a centre staircase.  There are two bedrooms on the second floor.

There was also quite likely a stable associated with the tavern where travellers could feed and rest their horses.

And, although the Swamp Tavern (and the swamp) are long gone, we have retained the name
as a link to the community’s early history.


1pm - 5pm 
Canoe and Kayak Rides by OVCK

5pm - 11pm 
Musical Lineup
$15.00 - per person, 
$10.00 - Seniors and students, 
Free! - 12 and under

5pm - 7pm 
Dinner - Elk Burgers & Sausage *
$6.50 - per plate with a ticket to the music program, 
$8.00 - per plate without a ticket. 

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