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Sunday, June 29, 2014

FREE Summer Idea #2- Backyard Camping

Back Yard Camping

Pitch a tent and have an outdoor sleep out in your own back yard. This includes a lot of the fun aspects of camping without the time it takes to travel. You could make some chili or some stew for an easy camping dinner.

Camp out ideas to add to the fun!

  1. Outdoor musical chairs. Place the lawn chairs around your back yard (1 less than players). Play some music, dance as hard as you can, when the music stops race for a chair, who ever doesn't find a chair gets to be the DJ.
  2. Squirrel Tag. One person is the squirrel; everyone else is a nut, all the "nuts:" should be touching their own tree (you can also use lawn chairs). When the squirrel shouts "Mixed nuts!" the nuts have to dash to another tree without being tagged. Once you get tagged, you're the new squirrel.
  3. Flashlight Limbo. How the beam of the flashlight in a horizontal beam. In a line try to go under the beam without falling. Add some music to make it more exciting. 
  4. Campfire and Banana S'mores- Use a knife to split open a banana length wise, stuff the banana with chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs and mini marshmallows. Wrap the banana in tin foil and place them on the coals or BBQ (whichever you prefer) wait a few minutes for chocolate to melt, open and enjoy with a spoon, YUM!!
  5. Sing songs around the fire, does anyone play an instrument? why not add this to the sing-a-long!

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