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Monday, April 21, 2014

Nature Museum on Earth Day

FREE admission on Earth Day!!


RBC Blue Water Gallery.

RBC Blue Water Gallery

Discover the amazing diversity of life on our blue planet and see a real skeleton of the largest animal in the world in the RBC Blue Water Gallery. (Can you guess what it is?)
Vale Earth Gallery.

Vale Earth Gallery

Discover the richness and origins of the Earth through interactive activities and fascinating specimens.


Go nose to nose with an eye-popping collection of live insects, arachnids and slugs in Animalium.
Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery.

Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery

Travel back to end of the age of dinosaurs, their extinction, and the beginning of the age of mammals in the Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery.
Mammal Gallery.

Mammal Gallery

The beautiful dioramas in ourMammal Gallery let you see Canadian mammals up close and discover the amazing adaptations that they've developed to survive
Bird Gallery.

Bird Gallery

With an amazing array of more than 450 species, our Bird Gallerypresents the largest collection of Canadian birds on display in the world. It's an indoor bird-watching adventure!
Stone Wall Gallery.

Stone Wall Gallery

Beautiful images adorn the heritage stone walls in the museum's theatre foyer. New exhibitions are displayed every few months.
Discovery Zone.

Discovery Zone

This multi-purpose space is busy with a wide variety of hands-on activities.

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