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Friday, March 7, 2014

Rideau Valley Roller Girls (Roller Derby)

I spoke with Wendy (aka Plenty of Fist) and she told what makes the derby so family friendly.

"Children of all ages love derby. The kids seem to love the speed and the action. Also, roller skates are kind of a novelty for children as they have rarely seen them. Children often comment on our skates when we are out in public. The arena can get pretty loud for a child under 3, so some of our Mom's protect their wee ones ears with ear plugs or noise protection headphones. Two full games can also be a bit long for some children, so this year we are setting up a kids area with games and toys to help keep the little ones amused.One game typically lasts 1hr and a half.

We don't allow people under 18 on the slab (cement) while the game is underway as the action can send a player out of bounds close to the crowd, that sits along the perimeter of the track."

I also asked her what was involved in a typical game.

"Roller Derby is a full-contact sport involving competitive roller skating on four-wheeled skates around an oval track in a counterclockwise direction. 2 teams field 4 blockers one jammer (the points scorer), on the whistle blows, the pack takes off and the jammers blast off to fight their way through the pack in an attempt to become "lead jammer." The jammers then try and lap the pack. When they re-pass the pack, they receive one point for each member of the opposing team that they have passed legally.  Each of these plays is called a “jam” and these lasts a maximum of two minutes. Only the "lead jammer" has the right to call off the jam before the 2 minute mark".

2014 Home Game Schedule:   
Double Headers on March 15th and April 12th  at Rockland’s JML Arena,  
and May 24th, June 28th and July 19th at Kanata’s Mlacak Arena.

Tickets: $10 for Adults
(Kids 10 and under free. Limit 2 per adult, please)
Tickets are available online, at the door, 
or in advance at the following sponsor locations:
Rockland Sports:  3-2865 Laurier St.(Rockland, ON)
Neon Skates Ottawa: 285 St. Patrick St. (Byward Market)
The Mayfair Theatre: 1074 Bank Street (Ottawa South)
Comic Book Shoppe’s 2 great locations:
228 Bank St. (Downtown) &  1400 Clyde Ave (Nepean)

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