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Sunday, January 25, 2015

20 Superbowl Party Ideas for the Kids

Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl is usually known for beer, nuts and football, but when you have kids how do you incorporate them into the fun?

Well first things first you must be prepared to cheer on your team

Homemade Pom Poms

You will need:
  • 8-10 large tissue paper pieces in your favorite team colours
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • toilet paper roll
  • Construction paper, markers, glitter etc.
  1. Decorate your toilet paper roll with construction paper, glitter and markers etc.
  2. Next fold your tissue paper in half, begin to cut long strips from the fold out
  3. Once you have long pieces of shredded tissue paper, stuff them in the center of the roll and staple it together in the center and Voila! you have your very own POM POMS.

Face Paint

Try painting your face like your teams favorite mascot. 

Homemade face paint materials list

  • Lotion 
  • Corn Starch
  • Food coloring 

Add small amount of lotion to small containers, one container for each color of paint you want to make. Add a few drops of food coloring to each container and then slowly add corn starch to the containers until you reach the desired consistency.  


Once you are ready to cheer for your team it's time to place some bets. That's right no football game would be the same without some friendly gambling. This year try incorporating some new bets into your poll to include the kids. Ex...
  • Length of national anthem
  • # of touchdowns in game
  • Longest Pass
  • # of timeouts
  • And of course... the winner
Instead of gambling for money try gambling for a reward (ex. the closest bet does not have to do the dishes that night, or candy bars etc. )


Alright it's time for the game to start and it's hard to keep the kids interested, try Superbowl Commercial Bingo. Download and print sheets for free at

You Can't Say That

Before the game starts, hand out little footballs for everyone to pin on their shirts. Tell everyone that they can't say the word football during the game. If you catch someone saying the word you can take their football. The person at the end with the most footballs wins.

And Finally... No football party would be complete without some great snacks for the game. Check out these football themed snacks

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