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Friday, September 8, 2017

Ten Sheep to Sleep Book Review

When Sammy Jo laid her head down to sleep, she began to count her ten striped sheep, but to her surprise, 10 spotted sheep had joined in. She decide find them a new home as 10 sheep were enough for her. 

She uses her problem solving skills and suggests a few others who may need some sheep to count; her mother, her father or her brother, but to her surprise the sheep had already thought of that. Mom counts hand bags, dad counts cars and brother counts super heroes!

Sammy Jo has to find a place for the sheep soon because they are destroying her room, trying on her clothes and creating a ruckus. So she decides to have the sheep pair up and she will start counting sheep in pairs. Two-Fours-Six... she counts all the sheep all the way to 20.

This book is super charming, Sammy Jo demonstrates some great problem solving skills, empathy for the new sheep who do not have a home and learns some new math skills too!

The illustrations are a fun blend of vibrant colour and their comical expressions on the sheep are priceless. This book is great for primary students beginning to develop their math skills and even little ones learning to count.  Great resource for many ages. 

Title: Ten Sheep to Sleep
Author & Illustrator: Eugene Ruble
Children's Book $13.95
For ages: 5-8
Type: Picture and reading book

To order your copy : or CLICK HERE
Watch the Trailer here

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