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Friday, January 27, 2017

Birthdays Made Easy- My Toy Store

It seems to be that time of year when I start to hear parents talking about birthdays, we all have them, but do i have a party, where do I buy a loot bag, what gift is appropriate for a child this age? So many questions, and My Toy Shop in Manotick wants to help you find your answers. 

My Toy Shop makes shopping quick and simple, they can help recommend gifts by age range, price and even some unique items for that special someone and with free gift wrapping you are all done!


Is your child's birthday coming up? This is such a fun idea!! They have birthday buckets where kids put anything they want in the store into the bucket and people coming to the party can choose out of the selection from the bucket so they have the comfort of knowing it is something that interest the child. Everyone who makes a birthday bucket can come in and adjust the bucket whenever they want since many parent come in after the child has done the bucket to choose their gift or get rid of toys the child already has. Anyone who comes in and chooses from the bucket gets 10% off their entire purchase for the day and again we can wrap the gift or put them in our nice red bags with tissue paper. 

Throwing a party?

Don't worry, they have custom loot bags that the customer can decide what they want or they can make mock loot bags and they can choose from that. We can also open up anything from the store and separate the contents for the loot bags, for instance a bag of army men we can give a certain amount in each loot bag. The custom loot bags can match the theme of the party, they can be one main item or a bunch of small items or can be individually picked for the guests where they can have their names on a thank you card attached to each loot bag.

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