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Thursday, October 20, 2016

CTV Morning Live: Mommy Must Haves

I was asked to do a segment on CTV Live (click here to watch) this morning to help promote Suddenly Mommy at Centrepointe Theatre October 20th, 2016. Anne Marie Scheffler takes on the hilarity of being a mom, telling motherhood like it really is and the parts that no one tells you about. For ticket information click HERE.

Mom on the Go was asked to take a look at the ingenious products that are made for moms and babes to help make life a little easier being a mom on the go. All the products were collected from local Mompreneurs who know better than anyone that life as a mom can be challenging and hilarious at the same time. 

I would like to start by thanking all of these generous women for going out of their way to help provide these items for the show today. 

Tag Along ToysGreat customer service, a friendly environment, and an amazing selection of toys, a wide range of toys for baby, bath, puzzles, wooden trains, loot bags, plush, science kits, dress up, travel toys, music and outdoor toys as well, plus so much more. Although it was difficult to choose,  here are some of my favourite items;

1. The Munch Mitt. This great little mitt covers babies hand and allows them to chew on the mitt instead. It has the perfect little scrunchy sound for baby, protects their hands and is completely washable.  

2. The Travel Seat. Simply slip it over the back of any chair and you have an instant chair that is safe for baby. This then zips back into a small sac and you can slip it into your purse or diaper bag instead of lugging around a huge chair. 

3. These wrist and sock rattles are perfect for baby. All moms know the struggle of running back and fourth to pick up baby's toy over and over again. PROBLEM SOLVED!

4. To all you Pinterest Moms out there, stop, save the time of cutting, printing, and gluing. These little milestones stickers are designed to peel and stick onto a onesie. 

Flickering Light DesignsOsgoode based mom who enjoys working on various crafts  things that you don't usually find at craft shows, likes unique items to the Ottawa area and does custom orders as well. 

One of the "it" items this year is these socks for mom and baby. Enough said! Everyone needs a pair! 

Breelee Boutiqueoffers Canadian-made baby apparel & accessories. proud to work with some of Canada's best brands to HANDMADE BABY ACCESSORIES.

1. This Car seat cover  TRIPLES as a car seat cover, nursing cover and a grocery cart cover. Every mom would likely agree that less is more when it comes to having to pack a diaper bag (3 in 1) makes me smile every time!

2. Thanks to my cute little model for showing off, and if babies were not cute enough already, these beanies, headbands and dribblers are sooo cute and come in so many different patters.                    

Bite me offers some of the most stylish chewllery around. No more worries about baby ruining your favourite necklace or breaking it and swallowing a piece. Now jewellery can be stylish and functional! Check out their necklaces and soother clips. 

Custom Quilting and Sewing- One of my favourite keepsakes I have ever seen has got to be this sweet little bear. It is made out of the Onesies that my daughters wore home from the hospital. These bears can be customized with up to 6 materials, eyes, embroidery and more. I will cherish this bear forever and just a little hint... significant others.. this makes a great mommy gift ;)

CeeGeeCouture-Custom and hand made items for all your needs. 

1. Suck Pads. This item is a carrier saver! As we all know carriers are very expensive and baby chewing on the straps can wear them out quickly. These pads clip on easy and are washable. Amazing!

2. Although some carriers come with hoods, not all do, these hoods clip on to your carrier and protect baby from wind, sun or rain and can also be used as a cover when breast feeding in the carrier. 

3. These re-usable zip lock bags are so simple, yet genius! Can be used for wipes, diapers or snacks and are completely water proof and washable. Save you the mess and save the environment too.

4. One of the most sough after items in the Car Seat Poncho. This item is designed to keep your child warm while safely secured in the belts of the car seat. These are also available in an array of colours :)

Bumbini- These sweet little Halloween inspired cloth diapers are too die for (haha Halloween joke). If you love cloth diapers like I do, you probably have one for each occasion, and if you don't Bumbini has them for you. Check out their amazing products cloth and swim diapers and so much more. 

Milkface Ottawa is known for it's breastfeeding and carrier accessories. The Boba sweater from the show actually belongs to me and I have to encourage every baby wearing mommy to buy one. They are worth every penny, in fall, spring and cooler summer nights I wear mine every day. I also use it indoors in the winter if it is cool (like a mall or museum).

Please take a minute and explore some of these websites, I can not even begin to touch on the amazing products they carry and make. 


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