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Friday, September 23, 2016

My Experience at City Folk this Year.

Of course it wouldn't be Ottawa without a little rain during a music festival, but we don't see to mind too much. It always warms my heart to see the umbrellas join together and form a tent of sorts and no one even remembers it's raining anymore.

City Folk is a great place to bring the kiddos along to experience their first concert or maybe their second or third, with kids being free of charge, it's a great time to let them take it all in. I spent the day with my daughter exploring some of the great vendors and getting a cool sparkly tattoo. We then moved our way along to the Kids Zone of course. The zone was with lots to keep the kids occupied! We started by creating our own magic wand at the craft table, getting her face painted like Spider man and creating some of our own music. We then tie dyed a scarf, did some Hula Hooping. Then it happened i noticed that the great climbing play structure was fenced in and she could play without me worrying, almost 2 hours later she was exhausted and we hadn't even got to the music yet. 

We headed over to the different stages, took in Durham County Poets while my daughter danced freely by the stage, and then headed over to see some Dan Mangan on the City Stage. 

But that time was coming, the time it seemed that everyone there was waiting for... Fred Penner, so we grabbed our popcorn and headed over to the stage. As we are grabbing out seats we see him setting up and this is when the room starts to overflow. 

Children of every age 0-60 eagerly awaiting the music to start, and once it did, everyone in the room begins to sing along to the songs we know so well. My daughter screaming the words to Sandwiches, the kids forming a Conga line to The Cat Came Back and the beauty of the entire crowd singing You Are My Sunshine as Mr. Penner exited the stage. WHAT A SHOW!!         So you ask...Will I be back? YES!! Not only is this a great festival for music, craft beer and local vendors, it's a fun family event and my daughter is already asking when we can go back. 

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