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Friday, May 27, 2016

To the Teenagers at the Park Today...

Summer is fast approaching and that means parks and splash pads, for all the kids, not just the younger ones. This is why everyday around noon you will see the moms leaving the parks to get their toddlers and babies home, fed and to nap. It is also that time of day when the highschools let out for lunch and seem to swarm the parks. Well, today I was a bit late getting my kiddo out and was a witness to this.

Of course kids will be kids, and lord knows, I was one too. We used to go over to the local park at lunch with all my friends and I KNOW that I wasn't as well behaved as I should have been. So today, when I saw a group of about 15 kids coming towards to park,  I watched in waiting to see what was going to happen next. And did I assume the worst? Yes, and that's my fault,but they were being kids; they were running around wrestling each other, running through the splash pad and yelling at their friends. Did I roll my eyes a few times and think "wow, was I like that?" YUP! But all in all, good kids, until they started talking! I don't know about you, but my two year old is in a phase that she repeats everything!! I mean, I could say a phrase in a magical language and she could repeat it back better than I could have. So, when F bombs are dropping every second word, momma bear has gotta step up.

As soon as I said it, "Hey! Um Language!" I heard myself and giggled, I was the same as the adults I thought were sooo 'uncool' when I was their age. So to the teenagers at the park today, thank you. Thank you for simply apologizing and walking away. I thought wow, you forgot where you were for a second, but apologizing AND most importantly changing the behaviour, took guts and showed respect. And to the parents of the teenagers at the park today, thank you as well. Listen I swear too, and I'm sure I have infront of my kid, but I think one of the most important traits in a person, is being able to accept constructive criticism, so BRAVO!

Mom on the Go Ottawa

P.S. Don't smoke though, it's bad for your health and you will regret it one day.

P.P.S. If you are going to smoke... don't do it in a children's playground.

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