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Monday, September 8, 2014

PeapodMat Review and Giveaway

What is a Peapod mat? Well it's a waterproof mat that is completely portable and versatile.

I have been using the PeapodMat for over a week now, and I have to say I am in love! My daughter is currently 11 months old, and this means mess!!! From diaper leaks to Sippy cup explosions, I have been washing everything in site. Well no more! The PeapodMat is portable and great to bring along or use at home, and when you are all done you can just throw it in the laundry and VoilĂ  it's clean. (I have not been paid for this review, my opinions are my own).

Uses for children
  • bed sheet protector (at home or very discreet for sleepovers)
  • couch protector (for snacks or naps)
  • stroller, high chair, playpen or car seat protector
  • beach blanket or summer blanket (great at protecting little bums from hot decks)
  • tummy time mat
  • change mat
For moms:
  • pregnancy mat
  • birthing mat
  • exercise mat
Coated bottom prevents slipping or moving around
Would be nice if it had a bag for travel or a strap, but easily fits in beach or diaper bag
Wash as you would your normal laundry
Extra drying time in dryer (for my dryer) (15mins)
Inexpensive compared to tearaway sheets


No crinkle plastic sound while child is sleeping

Canadian Company and environmentally friendly (reusable)

Product comes in 2 sizes (3x5) and (3x3) and it comes in Blue, Red, Grey and Pink. Click HERE for more information.

Would you like to win a PeapodMat of your own. Enter daily below to win a 3x3 mat 
($50 value)!!!
(Contest ends Sept 8th)

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  1. I would use it on the floor and carpet during diaper- free play time :)

    Veronique L

  2. So sorry, I pressed enter too quickly for today's twitter post:

  3. Bailey Dexter I would love the mat for the spare room. My grand kids sleep over on the weekends!

  4. I would use it for when the kids have sleep overs

  5. My dgtrs bed! It might help save the mattress!

  6. I would use this on my youngest baby's bed! What a wonderful invention!!