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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Funhaven- Free for infants and toddlers under 3

With this rainy weather, sometimes it's hard to find an activity to do with your infants and toddlers. Yesterday we decided to check out Funhaven with my 10 month old and what a huge success!!! She played for nearly 2 hours!! Children under 1 are always FREE and currently children under 3 are free as well :) When you are there, make sure to stop by and grab some of the frozen yogurt, 10 flavours!! (PS they do have highchairs, but you have to ask for one)
Comfyland is designed for children aged 1-5 years and encourages children to learn through play and fun. It is a special opportunity for parents and caretakers to spend time with children in a unique environment. The play area is divided into three sections - the Senses Corner, the Music Corner, and the Cognitive Corner. They also have some playstations and a small play structure for toddlers.
At Funhaven, safety is our primary concern in every facet of the delivery of our services. Outlets in the toddler and Jungle Gym/Ballocity area are tamper resistant outlets. They have built-in child safety features and are designed to help protect children from the hazards of inserting foreign objects into electrical receptacles.
Toddler Play Area


  1. Have you ever been on a weekend? Is it really busy? I have a busy 12 month old that I would like to bring there. What would have I to pay to go there?

  2. I have been on a weekend before and it is very busy in the winter, not as busy in the summer. Children under 3 are free to play in the Comfyland. As for adults, you simply pay to play, so as long as you don't play any games, you would be free as well :) Hope this helps.