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Saturday, July 5, 2014

FREE Summer Idea #8 - Glow in the Dark Bowling


  • Dollar store glow sticks (10-20, they are often sold in packs of 5)
  • 5-10 Empty water bottles (any size will do)
  • Water 
  • Ball
Place 1-2 glow sticks in each bottle then fill with water and place the lid on really tight. The bottles will glow

This is best played at night or in a dark basement (if you play inside, make sure lids are on tight and you don't throw the ball too hard ). Set the bottles up in a triangle formation, at one end of the lawn or driveway. Use chalk or an extra glow stick to make a line that you must stand behind. Take turns rolling the ball towards the pins to see how many you can knock down. You can play for fun or keep score and the winner gets to pick what's for breakfast the next morning :) I always pick pancakes!!!  


Ring toss. Place a water bottle at each end of the lawn or driveway and create rings from the remaining glow sticks. Throw the rings and try to land them on the bottle. This is harder than it sounds.

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