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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

FREE Summer Idea #5 -Watch the planes at the Airport

Remember going to the Airport as a kid or a teenager and watching the airplanes land? Well you can now share this experience with your children. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and a camera and take a drive down to Alert rd. or Leitrim rd. (Please be sure to be parked and sitting in a safe and non restricted location).
I like to check HERE and find a good time to go when lots of planes will be landing and taking off, that way I don't show up and see one plane in an hour.

1.BAX parking lot located off Thad Johnson Rd. Turn right off Alert Rd and left into the parking lot between the BAX and FEDEX buildings. 

2. Alert RD is great for arrivals, there is also a parking lot just pass the golf course.

3..Along Leitrim Road and is a good location, but no parking other than the shoulder of the road

4. Along riverside rd, you can see the flying club, you can park at several parking lots, however, this is a busy road, so be cautious.

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