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Monday, July 7, 2014

FREE Summer Idea #10- Corktown Love Bridge

The Corktown Footbridge, also referred to as the the Somerset Bridge, is a footbridge  built across the Rideau Canal. The bridge is located about 400m south of the Laurier Avenue Bridge. This is the unofficial Lover's Lock Bridge. People come to this bridge place a pad lock on the bridge with an important initial or date on it, lock it  and throw the key deep into the waters below.  There are so many beautiful stories associated with each of these locks. So the next time you take a walk down the canal, be sure to stop and check out this "love"ly spot, if nothing else, it makes your heart warm and fuzzy to see how many people believe in everlasting love. 

You could even bring your own lock, place the initials of all your family or children and their birthdays on the lock or do one for each. So dig out your old highschool padlocks (or grab a few at the dollar store) decorate it with markers, sparkles, paint, whatever you  like, and create a memory like no other. 

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