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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Crafts

Mason Jar Garden. Plant a seed in a mason jar with some Miracle Grow. Cut out egg shaped card and tie it around the rim with a ribbon. I also wrote "Made by... " on the side with a hand print (aka made by hand). I used Poppy seeds for "papas" and Mums for moms and grandmas, a little play on words :)

Use Kool-Aid to dye your Easter eggs. Mix one flavour pack with 2/3 cup of water.

Make bird nest treats with Rice Krispies and mini eggs. Use a cupcake tray to mold the nests, then top with green icing and mini eggs.

Using a white plastic cup turned upside down, glue on google eyes a pink nose and draw on a mouth. Next use pipe cleaners for whiskers and cut out white ears with pink centres.

Use white paint to make foot prints for the ears, cut out prints and a circle for head. They have simply drawn on a face here, you could also use thumb prints for eyes and nose and string for whiskers.

Cut out feet cheeks and ears in white and smaller ears and feet and nose in pink. Paint 2 Popsicle sticks white and glue together. Place google eyes and glue on ears, feet, cheeks and nose. Super Cute!

Place glob of yellow paint in centre of paper, use fork to pull out paint to look like feathers. Cut out feet and nose and glue onto paper. Glue on Google eyes.

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