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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stony Swamp Conservation Trails

A network of beaver ponds, wetlands and forests is located in Stony Swamp in Ottawa, near Huntclub and Moodie. From boardwalks to bridges and lots of amazing wildlife, Stony Swamp consists of over 40 kilometres of trails, making it the section of the Greenbelt with the most trails. Some Stony Swamp trails connect to the Trans Canada Trail and the Rideau Trail. The Lime Kiln trail passes a historic kiln, the Sarsaparilla Trail has a dock extending onto a beaver pond and the Jack Pine Trail crosses beaver ponds. There are thousands of animal tracks to discover, you can try to guess which animal made the tracks. The birds and squirrels are so tame that you can place bird seed in your hands or on your head and they will come and land on your hand to eat. 

There is also a Wild Bird Care Centre in Stony Swamp. The primary mission of the Wild Bird Care Centre is to assess, treat, and rehabilitate sick, orphaned, or injured wild birds before releasing them back to the wild. You take a walk through the centre and see the birds as they are getting well. You can also take a peak in on the hospital and incubation area. You are welcome to make a donation as well. Every little bit helps. And while you are there be sure to sign the guest book and don't forget to get your Mojo's Mix bird seed and nuts to feed the animals ($1) for a bag

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