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Friday, March 14, 2014

St Patrick's Day Ideas

St.Patrick's Day Craft Ideas

Paint your fingers of your hand orange and the palm pink. Place hand fingers down. Paint orange hair at wrist and draw on a nose and mouth. Glue on eyes and paint on a green hat. Cut a black piece of construction paper for the belt of the hat and a yellow square for the buckle. And it's a Leprechaun.

Cut out a rainbow shape in white paper. Divide it into 5 sections. Glue on Purple, green, yellow, orange, red fruit loops to make the bands.

Make your hand into a fist, paint the side closest to the pinkie finger. and place it on the paper. Paint your finger tips to make the toes. Cover with glitter.

Leprechaun Hunt (find all the hints that a leprechaun came to visit)
  • foot prints and gold coins (lead them around the house in paths)
  • green in toilet (couple drops of food colouring in tank
  • green french toast or milk (try putting the drops in the cup so the milk you pour in is white and it will only turn green when you pour it)
  • write on the mirror (Luck 'o the Irish)
  • hide lucky pennies in the house (in mittens, hats, chair seats etc.)
  • fill shoes with candy
  • move around some small furniture
  • turn some pictures on the walls upside down
  • Be creative

Leprechaun yourself
  • Construction paper
  • scissors
  • markers
  • tape
  • any clothing you have that is green 
Let the children be creative, give them a time limit and see who can make themselves into the best leprechaun.

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