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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NoseFrida Review

I have to take a minute and share this marvelous product that I found. My daughter recently had a cold and after using the "Bulb Syringe" to no avail I went online searching for a miracle. And let me tell you, I found it.It is called the NoseFrida. It is a large tube with an attached small tube and filter that allows you to suck the mucus out of the baby's nose. 


  1. Insert a new filter and then make sure the small tube is attached to the large tube (you will hear a snap)
  2. Next, place a few drops of saline solution into each nostril (this will help loosen the mucus)
  3. Next, place the pointed end to the baby's nostril and use the red mouthpiece to suck out the mucus. 
  4. Detach all pieces, and dispose of the filter. Clean with warm water and soap. The small tube should be cleaned with a few drops of alcohol. 


  • This type of suction is much more efficient than the bulb syringe.
  • It is less intrusive, it does not go into the nostril
  • It comes apart making it easy to clean
  • Latex and BPA free


  • The box says that you can not "suck too hard", however my daughter will disagree. I have found several small sucks are more to her liking than one large.
  • It is a little pricier than the bulb ($22 at Babies R Us), however it is worth it to have your child breathe easily.
I would recommend this product as a must have in every house with children. I have already bought 2 to slip in as a baby shower gift. 

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