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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Funhaven Review


Climbing Wall- Your child will be strapped in and can climb 20 feet to the top

Jungle Gym- Interactive blasters, vacuum cannons and buckets that propel, throw, raise, vacuum and dump thousands of foam balls. Must take off shoes. Area is fenced in, so it is great to let your toddlers walk around. However, stay close so that the older children don't knock them down accidentally.

Lazer Frenzy- Lasers, mirrors, haze, effects, and unique themes. As you race through the laser maze, the faster you go and the fewer lasers you hit, the higher your score. (not to be confused with laser tag)

Laser Tag- Kids will wear a vest and carry a laser gun (they are a little heavy). Hide and dodge the lasers while you target the other team. Once you exit the room you can see your score posted on the wall, so be sure to look at your gun to see your "name"

Mini-Bowling- Small bowling lanes for the kids.

Skill Games & Prizes Play- Any game you can think of from football, coin games, basketball, spin to win and more.

Toddler Play Area- Comfyland is designed for children aged 1-5 years and encourages children to learn through play and fun.

Typhoon- "Mad Wave" Motion Theater is the newest and most advanced Simulator Ride. With 10 films rides featuring Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and the new WIND turbine that adds a new dimension of motion simulator ride realism, and what a ride! I was even a little scared.

Video Games and Simulators Racing simulators- Guitar Hero, Big Buck Hunter, Aliens and Terminators; they have new ones all the time.

Bumper Cars- Have a seat in one of our ten bumper cars and bump off your opponents (there were 3 broken when we were there.


  • Great fun for the kids
  • Reasonably priced games and activities. It is also pay and play therefore parents do not have to spend money to accompany their children.
  • Large area for coat check and it's free
  • Lots of games and activities
  • Huge and clean bathrooms
  • It is a nut free environment, however there could still be nuts on the surfaces


  • Very busy on weekends and school holidays (go during the day on weekdays if you can)
  • The lines for rides and activities are not adult governed, therefore you have a lot of "butting" in line, which can make the wait very very long.
  • The food is over priced and the lines are confusing. You pay first then wait for your food, the lines were mixing and no one was sure where they were suppose to be. Also there is no option for anything even remotely healthy. And the wait times were 14 minutes for 1 pogo!
  • You are not allowed to bring your own food
  • We meet staff who were friendly and helpful and the other were just doing the minimum to get the job done.

All in all, it's a fun time. My tips for going would be to eat first and watch your children and help them follow the rules. It will make your day go much smoother. 


  1. Their frozen yogurt bar was my favorite part ;)

    1. Thank you!! I forgot to mention that, it seemed to be a big hit for most :)