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Monday, March 31, 2014

13 Cute April Fool Pranks for the Kids

  1. Take a screen shot of the computer and open it full screen. (watch as they try to click on the screen and nothing happens)
  2. Stuff socks in the toes of your child's shoes.
  3. Place google eyes on food in the fridge.
  4. Run a pencil around the edges of a quarter. Then dare a child to run it from their forehead all the way to the edge of their nose without dropping it. Tell them if they manage to do it, they can keep the quarter. Then laugh as they have a line down their face.
  5. Put a sticker on bottom of the mouse and watch them try to use it.
  6. Put plastic bugs in cereal box.
  7. Place seran wrap across the door, so when someone opens the door they run into it.
  8. Switch the kid's blankets while they are sleeping.
  9. Switch sugar for salt in morning coffee
  10. Switch drawers in their room so that they can't find their clothes
  11. Put your clothes on and act as though nothing is wrong.
  12. Change the background pics on phone, IPAD etc. to something funny (baby photo, parents kissing etc.)
  13. Switch juice for jello, watch them try to drink it

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