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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mayberrys Leggings Mommy and Me

There is no doubt about it, spring is definitely here! And with the mix of rainy and warm beautiful days I am reminded that Mother's Day is just around the corner. With all my stock, adds and photo prep for the Mother's Day sales I can't help but think about the trend of having everything be Mommy and Me matching sets and it makes me ask myself why are we all so crazy for these Mommy and Me matching pieces. But the answer is very clear......... because they are super fun and super cute!! Right??!! We as women have been doing this forever, remember  back to the 80's and 90's glam photo shoots with you and your mom in matching outfits haha. It's makes us feel closer to our daughters and why not take that while you can get it! Before you know it they will be going through the "too cool" for their moms phase. Sigh. I am always searching for matching leggings every Friday when our new Mayberrys stock comes out. Not  just for my customers but for myself and my daughter too. It always gets me excited when I can find a really cute pattern in kids and adults sizes! But it doesn't always have to be for young kids. I've even had a customer  purchase for herself and her older daughters, and they all looked amazing in their matching leggings. I loved seeing the big smiles on their faces! So with Mothers  Day so close I can't think of anything cuter for all of our social media photo sharing then having your breakfast in bed, brunches, receiving of Mother's Day flowers, in your Mommy and Me matching leggings!

Also, in celebration  of all of us mamas I will be holding a sale on all my mommy and me matching stock. Come find me on Facebook to get yours! And don't forget to stop and smell your Mother's Day roses. 

❤ Tracey Sims
 Mayberrys Leggings Rockland

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  1. It kind a cute thing what you wearing with your kids. I will check out your facebook for matching set collection, I wondering if it will fit with my big size.