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Friday, May 12, 2017

A Date by Kate

Dear Moms,

I know you don’t want to make any decisions on Mother’s Day.

Just one day, where you aren’t asked, “Mom, can I have $5 for pizza?” or “Mom, can you help me on the toilet?”

You are not a wallet. Nor are you a piece of toilet paper. I get it.

I think spending time away from your kids is just as important as spending time with them. How else can you re-charge and answer all of their “Why’s?”.

Spending time away from your kids, is especially important for maintaining your relationship. After all, they’re looking up to both of you to learn all about love.

These little eyes notice the affection you give one another. They notice the hugs and kisses (and probably say eww), and positive communication skills. Note: *positive doesn’t always mean happy-happy-joy-joy. It just means, open, honest and respectful.

I’ve created a little Ottawa 2017 Date Can with 24-date ideas inside. Instead of a wine pairing menu, there’s a date pairing menu!

Partnering with 12 local businesses, I was able to get my clients around $150 worth of savings too! The paint can is $39 + tax and takes the pressure off trying to decide what to do on your date night. Allow me to arrange that for you. 😉

Happy Mother’s Day!


A Date by Kate

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