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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why Think About Cloth Diapers?

I remember well the stage you are at. With an ever-growing belly (or a partner with one), you are faced with a million and two decisions to make. The crib, stroller, bassinette, to cosleep or not, to breastfeed or formula feed. Just when you think you can’t possibly process any more information, someone says “have you thought of cloth diapers?” And your head (figuratively) explodes at that exact moment. The thought of embarking on another set of research for another baby product is likely to have you running for the nearest box of Huggies.

But I have good news! Cloth diapers are really not that complicated. While there is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet about cloth diapers and their use, they really do not require a degree in chemical engineering or origami to use. Gone are the days of huge sheets of flannel that need to be folded intricately to fit on baby and sharp diaper pins destined to stab a sleepy parent’s unsuspecting finger.

Today’s cloth diapers are so easy to use. You put them on baby, and instead of throwing them in the garbage, just pop them in your washer (and you won’t end up with poop whizzing around your washing machine – I promise!!)
 Plus you will:
  •     Save money – cloth costs $1000-2000 less than using disposables (per child!)
  •     Reduce waste – disposables create a tonne of garbage per baby
  •     Save trees, water and petroleum – cloth uses way less of all of these (yes, even water!)
  •     Gain control over what chemicals are used on your baby
  •     Prevent nasty poo blowouts – that’s right; cloth is BETTER at holding in poosplosions!
  •     Be able to show off that cute booty – cloth is available in infinite colours and patterns
While there is more to learn about cloth than disposables, there are tons of awesome resources to help
      you out. We at Bumbini hold cloth diaper workshops to go over the basics of cloth diapering, including laundry, types available and more. We’ll condense days of want-to-bang-your-head-against-a-wall internet research into a two hour info session, so you have more time to make those other million decisions on your list!

About the author – Katie Mark is the owner of Bumbini Cloth Diaper Company, and loves supporting new and expectant parents with their cloth diapering journey. Please check out for information about products or upcoming workshops, or email with any questions. 

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