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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Little Kickers Soccer

I know as a parent the pressure to begin signing your children up for activities starts at a very young age. How do you decide what to sign them up for? What will suit their personality? What will they like? What can I afford? To me as a parent, the most important aspect is that they have FUN and actually enjoy the sport, after all, the best way to stay active is doing something you enjoy!

Little Kickers is a great way to meet all these requirements; this program is designed to encourage learning through play with a coaching ethos of "play not push". This is a fantastic way to allow children to explore the sport in a pressure-free environment and develop an interest while developing their skills. 

Soccer is a great way to keep your children active and Little Kickers allows them to continue year round with indoor soccer in the winter and outdoor soccer in the summer. And the best part? No sitting around fingers crossed that you can make registration, you can sign up at anytime!!! They have 6 week and 12 week courses from Stittsville to Orleans. 

From Little Kickers to Mega Kickers, they have 4 different categories of classes that range from 18 months to 7 years old. And not only are they tailored to meet the needs of the children, they also aim to stimulate imagination and aid early development skills such as learning colours and numbers, following instructions and playing as a team.

You can visit their website for full schedule/ list of locations and information on how to have a Little Kickers Birthday Party!! You can also contact  Megan or   613 806 6325.

Well if you are as set as me on signing up your little one, check out their current promotions:

--> 1 Free trial for all new players if registered before March 31st.
-->  Sign up for Orleans before March 31st and receive 7 classes for the price of 6 OR 15 for the price of 12.
--> Sibling discount: 7 classes for the price of 6 or 15 for the price of 12.
--> As of April all children over 3 will receive a Fury Fanatics pass as part of their registration.
Sign up includes a soccer uniform.

Little Kickers certainly takes the pressure off of finding the right activity for your little ones by focusing on learning and play, and being affordable and accessible to parents. But of course it is, because like many of our favourite kiddie companies, it was started by a mom who who wanted to have a fun pre-school soccer and learning experience for her child, so.... SHE DID IT HERSELF :)