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Thursday, January 12, 2017

PossAbilities Educational Consulting

Thank you so much to Marilyn Green for inviting me to be a guest blogger today. My name is Sharon Reichstein and this year I’ve opened a new Educational Consulting business here in Ottawa called PossAbilities. My motto is, “When you light up abilities, there are endless possibilities.”
I’m a special education teacher with 19 years of experience working in a special education classroom and my passion is helping children with learning disabilities. I’m also a MOM ON THE GO to two beautiful (now teenager) children.  I’m  very aware that when a child is struggling in school, be it because of a specific learning disability, a social disability, anxiety, attention issues, or any other reason, it makes it very challenging on the whole family. I created this new business model on the premise that I can provide reasonably priced coaching, advocacy, mentoring, training and guidance to parents and students who feel overwhelmed or lost in the system.

Although most psychologists do an amazing job at giving feedback for a psycho-educational assessment, the reality is that many parents, upon hearing the diagnosis of learning challenges, are too emotionally charged to truly understand and digest what the assessment actually means. The next step is using the assessment to ensure that an IPRC (Identification Placement Review Committee) meeting happens and that an IEP (individual education plan) is put in place that matches the recommendations of the assessment. It can be complicated, intimidating and parents sometimes feel unsure of how to proceed.  

Advocating for services is my passion and I believe strongly that children can become very strong advocates for themselves at a young age if given the opportunity. I love working with children to empower them to understand their strengths and how to appreciate how they learn best. Being proud to ask for accommodations and modifications as needed is a wonderful way for students to take charge of their learning.

I’m very excited about this new service being offered in the community. If your child is not thriving in their current school placement and you feel like you need support to help improve the situation, I’d be happy to discuss it with you. I focus on abilities and feel passionately that all students can succeed when given the right supports and when the proper systems are put in place. I believe that working in collaboration with educators, schools, parents and children all with the mutual goal of doing what’s best for a child, allows for an environment where students can thrive. 

Please visit for more information and I welcome you to follow me on Facebook @possabilitieseducationalconsulting

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