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Friday, January 27, 2017

Mom and Baby Yoga Retreats

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy being a new mom! Having 3 kids of my own and working with young families for the past decade, I know how challenging (yet very special!) this time can be. It can all fly by so quickly without taking time to slow down, connect to and celebrate the memorable moments. That’s why I created day retreats designed especially for pregnant and new moms.

Our Mom & Babe Retreats, set in a beautiful location, give moms a break from their regular routine to practice yoga with their baby and to connect with other moms. The rejuvenating yoga session offers mom an opportunity to reconnect to her body and her baby in perhaps new ways. After yoga, a freshly made nourishing lunch with natural and whole ingredients is served. Having a family riddled with food intolerances, I know how important it is to facilitate food requests, so any special needs are cared for.

Our retreats also include a cozy discussion with a local wellness specialist who will shed light on an important topic at this stage in mom and baby’s life. Some of our guest speakers will be: Andria Bell (baby wearer extraordinaire), Joanna Wolczyk (Ayurveda goddess), Jessica Sherman (nutritional strategist), Yvette Halpin (developmental & movement specialist) and Gesa Harmston (inspirational & practical mom coach). Check out our first Urban Retreat Series at the gorgeous PranaShanti Yoga Studio in Hintonburg.

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